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The main focus of COMPSCI 235 is on software design methodologies to structure the process of developing software, common design patterns used for abstraction and data hiding, using tools like application frameworks, integrated development environments for programming and debugging or version control and bug tracking for management, as well as quality assurance techniques such as testing at different levels of the development process. Central to the course will be a practical assignment, where students learn to apply some of the important methodologies and gain hands-on experience. The course will be taught using the Python programming language.

The weights for COMPSCI235 assignments.

The weights for COMPSCI235 assignments.

Additional Information

Dr. Daniel Wilson - daniel.wilson@auckland.ac.nz Room: 303S-494

Shyamli Sindhwani - shyamli.sindhwani@auckland.ac.nz Room: 303S-467

Asma Shakil - asma.shakil@auckland.ac.nz Room: 303S-389

The University of Auckland

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Joe Wuthrich Nathan Zhou Justin Zhao


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