Lecture Notes

Course Outline

The key focus of this course is web application development, both from a server perspective (i.e., backend) and a client perspective (i.e., frontend). By the end of the course, you will be expected to have an appreciation of full-stack development without using any third-party frameworks or libraries.

While the course uses functional programming concepts for web application development, the focus of the course is NOT functional programming.

This course is for students seeking to:

  1. build the ability to design and create complex real-world web applications from the ground-up;
  2. gain an appreciation of secure web application development;
  3. extend their design space with another programming paradigm, functional programming concepts and techniques;
  4. learn modern ways to integrate data from local and remote sources, using multi-paradigm techniques.

Additional Information

Xinfeng Ye - x.ye@auckland.ac.nz

Mano Manoharan - s.manoharan@auckland.ac.nz

The University of Auckland

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