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This course introduces the basic mathematical tools and methods needed for computer science. You should develop the elementary mathematical skills needed to define, analyse, and reason with the sorts of abstract concepts used in programming and computer science. The topics covered in this class include integer arithmetic, sets, methods of proof (including induction), algorithmic analysis, graph theory, trees, counting and probability.

This course mainly focuses on the theoretical foundations of mathematics for computer science, which are then further developed in COMPSCI220 and COMPSCI225. The main theme for COMPSCI120 is around this idea of mathematical proof. In mathematics, a proof is an argument to show something is true. This course covers how we prove statements in the fields of computer science, logic, combinatorics and graph theory. Therefore, the course will focus as much on the way arguments are formed as on the solutions to the problems that will be studied.


The weights for COMPSCI120 assignments.

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The textbook for this course can be found online here.

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