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An introduction to computational mathematics and programming in MATLAB. The course will introduce some basic concepts in computational mathematics and give applications that include cryptography, difference equations, stochastic modelling, graph theory and Markov chains.

"This is correct, but a bit dry; it omits the fact that in Maths 162, you're going to see a bunch of beautiful mathematics!"

Maths 162 is an introduction to essential tools in computational mathematics, particularly mathematical modelling and scientific computation. Students learn how to formulate mathematical models of a variety of real-world problems and how to solve them using analytical and numerical methods. The software package MATLAB is taught and used extensively. After successfully completing MATHS 162 and other core mathematics courses, students will be well prepared for further courses in mathematics, such as MATHS 260 and MATHS 270. Maths 162 is part of the major in mathematics. Those not wishing to continue studying mathematics will find that the modelling and computational foundations laid in MATHS 162 will support their work in other areas of science.


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The textbook for this course can be found online here.

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