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Basic knowledge of economics is essential to be informed voters and citizens and to make sense of the world around us. This is a one-semester introductory course in economics, accessible to students with no prior exposure to economic concepts or frameworks.

The focus will be on the major economic issues and phenomena that are routinely encountered in daily discussion of events in the media. The course is designed to provide essential disciplinary knowledge and practice, as well as to expose you to the other graduate profile capabilities.

For example, when applying the analytical tools to major developments and challenges in the global economy (such as global warming and climate change, unemployment, inflation, etc.), you learn how to think critically and why individuals and organizations should take social and environmental responsibility seriously; by seeking out solutions to open-ended questions, you are expected to make thoughtful and independent judgement; by writing essays on current issues, you practice the writing skills that are crucial in the modern-day work-place.

The weights for ECON151 assignments.

The weights for ECON151 assignments.

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The textbook for this course can be found online here.

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