Lecture Notes

Course Outline

This course consists of a networking and a security part.

The networking part introduces the basics of networking with the TCP/IP protocol stack in networks with switches and routers and familiarises students with the fundamental concepts that underpin it, as well as network partitioning and topology.

The security part introduces various aspects of encryption to secure communication between parties. It familiarises students with the fundamentals of classic cryptography, and how confidentiality and integrity are realised in shared-key and public-key cryptosystems.

The weights for COMPSCI215 assignments.

The weights for COMPSCI215 assignments.

Additional Information

Ulrich Speidel (Lecturer) - ulrich@cs.auckland.ac.nz Office Hours: Open door Room: 303-594

Aniket Mahanti (Lecturer) - a.mahanti@auckland.ac.nz Office Hours: TBA Room: TBA

Toby Tomkinson (Tutor) - ttom795@aucklanduni.ac.nz

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