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Course Outline

Designed for all students who plan to progress further in mathematics, this course follows directly from MATHS 120 and 130. Covering topics from multivariable calculus and linear algebra, which have many applications in science, engineering and commerce. Students will learn mathematical results and procedures as well as the underpinning ideas and mathematical proofs.

This course must be taken by all mathematics majors, and it serves as a prerequisite for MATHS 253, MATHS 254 and MATHS 260. It is suitable for all students who wish to deepen their mathematical rigour and covers topics from linear algebra and (multivariable) calculus that have many applications in science, engineering and commerce.


Additional Information

The coursebook for this course can be found online here.

Bernd Krauskopf - b.krauskopf@auckland.ac.nz Algebra (Weeks 1-4 and 9-10) Office Hours: Thursday 5-7pm (Zoom link on canvas) Room: 303-229

Tom ter Elst - t.terelst@auckland.ac.nz Calculus (Weeks 5-8 and 11-12) Office Hours: Tuesday and Friday 5-6pm (Zoom link on canvas) Room 303-229D

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