Lecture Notes

Course Outline

This course focuses on a practical introduction to a variety of information tools used to analyse and visualise data relating to aspects of information management. Through these tools and methods, you explore how to use data to inform decisions and a variety of activities.

Since many organizations are undergoing a process known as digital transformation, which is the augmentation of internal and external processes with technologies such as online accounting, video conferencing, big data, business intelligence and cloud computing. You should have an understanding and competence in a broad range of tools, and this course seeks to help you become competent in the tools with which you can solve problems by understanding and experiencing ways of adding value to data.

You will primarily learn in a practical format both individually and in groups.

The topics include spreadsheets, visualisation, digital resource management, app development, website creation, robotic process automation, accounting information systems, relational database, cloud, digital workspaces.


Additional Information

The textbook for this course is called "Stephen Few. Show Me the Numbers: Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten. Analytics Press; First edition (2004). edition (2004)".

Udayangi Muthupoltotage - u.muthupoltotage@auckland.ac.nz

The University of Auckland

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