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An operating system is the software which makes a raw computer more or less usable by people. To most people who use computers, the operating system is indistinguishable from the hardware; they never experience the machine by itself. It is the operating system's job to communicate with the people who use it, to look after their files, to do sensible things when they do silly things, and generally to look after all the jobs that must be done but which are too complicated or changeable to be built into the hardware.

This course looks at general principles of operating systems, but we do look at some low level details as well. You are expected to be a competent programmer in a language such as Java or Python and at least have an introductory knowledge of C.

The weights for COMPSCI340 assignments.

The weights for COMPSCI340 assignments.

Additional Information

The textbook for this course is “Silberschatz’s Operating System Concepts, 10th Edition, Global Edition”. It is available electronically from Wiley for AUD$65. The non-global edition (same textbook) can be found using the ISBN 978-1-119-32091-3.

Dr. Shyamli Sindhwani - shyamli.sindhwani@auckland.ac.nz Room 303-415 Office hours in weeks 1-6 (Wednesday 11pm-12pm, Friday 1pm-2pm) Office hours in weeks 7-12 (to be announced later)

Dr. Robert Sheehan (Course Coordinator) - [r.sheehan@auckland.ac.nz](mailto:r.sheehan@auckland.ac.nz,) Room 303-409 Office hours: Tuesday 1pm-2pm, Thursday 1pm-2pm

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