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Course Outline

This is a challenging course that aims at studying discrete structures relevant to mathematics and computer science.

Topics are chosen from the basics of arithmetic, graphs, trees, some important algorithms (e.g. Euclidean algorithm), induction, finite automata, logic, counting and probability, and codes.

We want to understand why algorithms work, not just learn how to execute them.


The weights for COMPSCI225 assignments.

Additional Information

The textbook for this course can be found online here.

Dr Padraic (Paddy) Bartlett - padraic.bartlett@auckland.ac.nz Office Hours: Tu, Th, 1pm - 2pm, Wed 2pm - 3pm (or by appointment) Room: 303-232

Amal Amleh - amal.al-amleh@auckland.ac.nz Room 303-303-253

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